Indoor Vendors:

Lang’s Fossils and Meteorites: Fossils/Minerals/Meteorites

Jessie’s Gems: Rocks, Minerals, Crystals, Gemstone jewelry, gem trees and more.

Sunshine’s Creative Designs: Rocks, tumbled stones, fossils, crystals, geodes, citrine, quartz and more.

Village Silversmith: Rocks, fossils, minerals (wholesale)

Amorco Essence., Inc.: Rough stones, specimens, tumbled, jewelry, etc.

Fowler’s Wire-wrapping: Wire-wrapped jewelry/gems and gem carvings.

Stones By Stalkers: Wire-wrapped jewelry, cabs, fossils, chains, tumbled stones and more.

Western Vision: Geodes, small/med stones, collectibles, crystal & stone jewelry and more.

Mister Crystals: Rocks, minerals, fossils, polished specimens, carvings, some jewelry and more.

Edgerson Inc.: Minerals, fossils, jewelry, home decor and more.

Crystal Mine Brazil: Rocks (lots and lots of brazilian quartz of all forms!)

BCA Minerals: Minerals, Gems, polished items, books and equipment

Reiki Rocks: Crystals, rattles, salt lamps, jewelry

Find It USA: Rough and finished crystals and minerals.

Opalescent Daydreams, LLC: Worldwide mineral specimens

Independent Gems: Loose gemstones, faceted cabochons, jewelry, mineral specimens, etc.

Stone Corner Minerals: Minerals, crystals, stonemade gifts, handmade gemstone jewelry.

Land of Crystals: Minerals and Handmade Jewelry.

Let’s Talk Jewelry: Silver jewelry and more!

Trow & Holden: Stone Mason/Mining tools

Rocko Minerals: Crystals and minerals for every type of collector!

Dazzling Mineral Specimens: Herkimer Diamonds, Glass Displays, Amethyst and more!

Adirondack Fine Minerals: Amazing Herkimer Diamonds and other high-end minerals!

PatRock Minerals: Direct from the miner Herkimer Diamonds and other minerals!

Crystal Dawn Gems: Rocks, Minerals, stickers, jewelry, funky goods!

The Rose Quartz Stand: Rocks, minerals, sages, butterflies and more!

LeEllen: Beads, beads and more beads!

Seth Maranuk Designs: Rocks, minerals, copper, amber, bismuth and more!

Native Arts, Minerals & Fossils: Skull art, jewelry, minerals, fossils.

Hall of Gems: All the good stuff!!

Glenn Boudreau: Herkimer Diamonds and collections.

Crystal Concentrics: Minerals, Crystals, Energy education, etc.

Outdoor Vendors:

Steuben Art Works: Laser engraved American flags, Laser engraved book boxes and other items

BeeBees All Naturals: Honey & Bee related products, art, crystals.

Terrapin Terrestrial Designs: Handcrafted jewelry from local artists, gem and minerals, paintings, tie-dyes

Just Herks: Herkimer Diamonds, Jewelry, Air plants & Palo Santo holders, stickers, Nothing left to do but Dig, Dig, Dig Shirts and tanks & more Herkimer Diamond inspirations.

The Fudge Lady: Homemade fudge.

Songbird Healing Crystals: Handcrafted, wire-wrapped crystal necklaces and earrings, along with decorative crystal trees.

Karma Creations by Amy Iselin: Handmade crystal and gemstone jewelry

Independent Gems: Mineral specimens, faceted stone, cabochons, jewelry & more.

Ethereal Opus Design & Foden’s Minerals: Featuring collectible crystals such as tourmaline, opals, aquamarine, Herkimer Diamonds, various New England Minerals. As well as other rocks, gems, tumbled stones, towers, carvings, spheres and more! Ethereal Opus Design features wire-wrapped jewelry and wands, beaded jewelry, mystery bags and boxes.

Lovely Essentials: All handmade, soap, body butter, sugar scrubs, body oils, lip balms, hair oils, beard oil, bath bombs, shower steamers, candles, decorative candles, wax melts, car diffusers and more!

Audrey’s Arts & Acrylics: An eclectic mix of handmade goods. Ranging from resin products to acrylic paintings, embroidery and digitally printed items.

Be. Life. Art. Magic: A lifestyle shop focused on self-growth. You will find metaphysical items such as crystals, sage, jewelry, home items. Oracle & tarot decks and so much more! Make sure to stop by their booth for a lil’ bit of magic!

Resonate Trading Company: Resonate Trading company aims to help others reconnect with the natural world around them through the products and services they offer. We are best known for artisan level wire-wrapped jewelry, and also carry a wide selection of gems, minerals, metaphysical gifts and supplies & more! Services offered include tarot readings and emotion code energy work.

Upstate Rocks & Crystals: Rocks, crystals, sage, soap, candles, metaphysical items & more. Stacy & Dan’s Book Nook: Children’s Books published by Usborne and Kane Miller, SmartLab Toys and Learning Wrap. Direct sales PaperPie (formerly Usborne Books and more).

Pink Moon Apothecary: Handmade luxe skincare products, aromatherapy, herbal remedies and uniquely embellished coco-soy blend candles.

Natural Evolution Design: Custom rings and pendants using a wide variety of materials, including opals, gemstones, crystals and many other exotic materials.

Lost Paradise Boutique: LuLaRoe clothing from a mobile boutique truck. Tops, dresses, leggings, cover ups, jeans, etc.

Eve’s Garden: Merchandise includes a wide variety of items. Raw specimens, polished stone carvings, tumble and palm stones, handmade sterling silver jewelry, bracelets, bulk herbal remedies, tea blends, smudge tools and sticks and customized art prints.

Roberta’s Gems: A curated collection of crystals, rocks and minerals, mined locally and from around the world. Beautiful specimens at affordable prices.

CrazyRockingMama: An assortment of healing gemstone carvings and jewelry from around the world. Also some beautiful hand-dug Herkimer diamonds.

The Crescent Moon: Hardwood cherry crescent moon suncatchers, crystals and jewelry.

DB Creations: Wire-wrapped gemstone pendants, many featuring self-collected Herkimer Diamonds, together with self-collected Herkimer Diamonds specimens from throughout the district.

Wild Ways Boutique: Wild Ways Boutique offers many nature related crafts, including delightfull decorated foraged bones, driftwood hangings with various beads and crystals, succulent planters, jewelry, foraged and preserved wild mushrooms, and the softest, ost adorable crocheted stuffies you’ll ever see!

And Stuff of that Nature: From hive to table honey, beeswax products, fresh vegetables and fresh cut flowers. Michelle will be doing tarot readings for our festival only! Henna designs (weather dependent).

The Unique Unicorn: Unique sterling silver gemstone jewelry, specializing in Herkimer Diamonds, crystals and vintage finds.

Kirk’s Country Photo: 8X10 and 11X14 matted photography prints, taken by Kirk Riedel.

Little Bird Runes Reiki and Orgonites: Psychic readings and orgonite pyramids.

GBD Studio: Handmade glass bowls, plates, dishes and marbles.

Geodesic Love: An eclectic upcycle artist who makes many different items such as dream catchers, hand-painted jean jackets, mushroom lamps, crystal paintings, fairy dolls and much more!

Funky Stuff: Funky Stuff is a crystal shop based in Worcester, MA that professionally sources fossils, minerals, crystals, gems and other novelties from all over the world. Wide variety of hand-selected specimens, alongside local artisans, all of which are sure to catch the eye of passersby. Tumbled stones to rare tektites, freeform displays to pristine megalodon teeth - we’ve got something for the gem enthusiast, new age healer, mineral collector and curious alike.

Mountain Loomes: Custom Wood Work, western american gems and minerals.

Vibration of Colors: Handmade jewelry, crystals/stones/wire-wraps and sterling silver pendants, rings, electroformed items/bracelets.

Ashley’s Native Designs: High quality and affordable handmade jewelry, gemstone bracelets, zodiac charm bracelets, wire-wrapped crystal pendants, $5 bracelets, $5 pendants, stickers, pins, patches, incense, earrings, barefoot sandals, bear claws, arrowheads, alligator teeth, malas and much more!

The Crazy Crystal Ladies: Rocks, Mineral specimens, crystals, tapestries.

Grandma’s Crafty Corner: Bags, aprons, towels, cups, necklaces, baby items and more!

Free Flow Farm: Sewn items, birdhouses and feeders, fresh cut flowers, small carvings, speciality popcorn and more.

Nancy’s Treasures: Stones, Jewelry, damascus knives

Adirondack Heirlooms: Concrete art

Thousand Islands Winery: Wine!

Hippie Ladies Craft: Tye-dye, fleece blankets, knitted and crocheted & hand-sewn items.

HDQuARTz: Self-collected Herkimer Diamonds, Travertine, Garnets and more!

The Conduit: Divination & Holistic Services: Offering cartomancy, chakra balancing, hand-crafted jewelry and more!

Amber America: Amber Jewelry

Gemstones by Tara: Gemstone, handmade jewelry, hand-sewn items, crystal wire-wraps

Kinds, Curves, Grinds & Finds: Herkimer Diamonds, Rocks, Gems, wrapped jewelry, henna & reiki

The Morrignan’s Nest: Welcome to the Morrigan’s Nest, where the enchanting world of crystals aways. Immerse yourself in a captivating collection of exquisite, high-quality gems sourced from around the globe. We offer everything from tumbles to beautiful specimen collector pieces and everything in between. We are to help guide you on a transformative journey, helping you discover the beauty, wisdom, and healing energy these crystals hold. Experience the magic of The Morrigan's Nest and unlock the extraordinary power within you.

HimandHerk: Self-collected Herkimer Diamonds, Herkimer Diamond jewelry

A&S Opals, LLC: Australian black, crystal, boulder and Brazilian opal gemstone cabs, carvings, specimens, jewelry, and fossils

O’Connor’s Creations and Jewelry:: Wire-wrapped jewelry, cabs, self-collected Herkimer Diamonds

Trinity’s Cozy Crochet: Crocheted stuffies!

Northeast Prospectors: Gems and Minerals from around the world, including many self-collected from the Northeast!

Body & Stone Artistries: Herkimer Diamonds, Jewelry, Macrame, Body Candles, Ear Candling and Henna Tattoos

Rock n Yarn: Gems and Minerals

RisingAurora: Gems, carved crystals

AYA ART NATURAL ART: Sculpture inspired by Nature using upcycled forms , colorful & whimsical , lovers of our diamonds.

Ann’s Midnite Creations: Custom one of a kind tumblers, resin, 3D sculpted, hand painted and sublimated.

JRocks & Gems: Gems/Minerals

Vintage-Res-Q: Vintage sterling silver, vintage Taxco Sterling silver. From earnings to necklaces , bracelets, turquoise rings, Sterling gemstone rings, pendants, Mens rings and antique sterling silver pre 1940..

Soulful Expressions

Katper: Sun catchers, magnets, bracelets, all to benefit a local cat rescue

Moons and Brooms:handmade brooms, wreaths, oils, bath teas, candles, magnets, mugs, books, gift sets

ADK Magic Designs: Resin items, Herkimer Diamond jewelry and more.

Complementary Angels Massage: Massage Therapy

Jill Rae: Art, Beer cheese and creativeness

Amorco: Gems and Mineral

Mystic Crystallis: Gems/Minerals/Goodies

Harold Coffin: Wire-wrapped jewelry, self-collected Herkimer Diamonds

Highland Rocks: Rocks, rocks and more rocks!

Bright Eyes Engraving Engraved items

MuralGarten:Hand Blown glass items, glass blowing demonstrations

Youth Entrepreneurs:

Family Rocks, LLC: Justin, age 14, makes genuine crystal jewelry and wire-wrappings.

Rosa Nera Co.: Rosa Nera creates a variety of handmade products, all made naturally. We sell a variety of jewelry and scrunchies, pillow mists, bath salts, hand-sculpted and painted clay trinket dishes and handmade paper and seed paper.

Lily DeCesare: The funkiest hats and art you can find!

Marah Pettey: Self-mined Herkimer Diamonds and Herkimer Diamond art.

Julieann’s Creations: Face painting, Crystal magnets, Earrings, Drawings

CeCei’s Shop: Inclusive handmade jewelry

Madelyn Hill:Cold process soaps w/a wide selection of scents, textures and colors. There is also a limited, special edition Herkimer Diamond soap that glitters and sparkles like the real thing (only available at this show while supplies last). We also have soap perfect for crafters, mechanics or anyone who needs extra grit with our new exfoliating soap. Handcrafted slimes w/a wide variety of scents, add-ins and unique colors. Each slime is carefully handmade and makes a great gift. Slime has a very long list of benefits, but mostly helps stimulate the brain, relieve anxiety and helps with motor skills. Check out the slimes that will make you go Fruity Loopy!

Girl Scout Troop No. 20028: Empowering young women to become strong independent business owners, teaching entrepreneurial skills so they may earn the “Business Badge”; they are coming in with their own creations!


Phat Backs BBQ: The tastiest bbq sandwiches around - they slice their smoked meats and pile it high on top of fresh baked Heidelberg Bread with Utica Greens, Roasted Peppers, Bacon Jam, and much more!

Mangia Macrina’s Wood Fired Pizza: Wood-Fired Pizza with the freshest ingredients.

Grateful Lemonheads: Fresh-squeezed lemonade!

Gyros: Just that. Gyros.

The Mac Factor: Gourmet Mac and Cheese!

Chick Magnet: Chicken and Fries

K-Dogs BBQ: Taking the area by storm, is always K-Dogs, their signature seasoning is mouth-watering!

Oldies & Goodies: Fried Dough products.

Bahama Mama: Ice Cream and shakes!

El Cielo: Mexican!

Comfort Zone: Lotus Energy Drinks, Shaved Ice, Lemonade of crazy flavors!

Monitau Coffee: Coffee, coffee, and Coffee!

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